Inspection of Garments | Garment Inspection Section in Apparel Industry | Process of Garments Inspection

Quality is very important to buyer or user and it is increasing day by day. Mainly two processes are followed to control quality –

  1. Testing &
  2. Inspection.
Garments Inspection.
Garments Inspection.


  • To know about inspection of garments.

The inspection used for controlling the quality of garment is done by testing with blank eyes. This involves testing the cloth, sewing, thread, button, measurement etc. according to the required standard or specification. In garments industry inspection is done in 3 steps:

  1. Raw material inspection
  2. In process inspection
  3. Final inspection

In final inspection mainly garments size, form fitting and faults are inspected. Size that is measurement given in label is inspected with the required measurement. There are standard measurements for both man and woman dresses.

Measurements found:

Components —————————– Measurement

  • Neck ——————————-17″
  • ½ Chest —————————-24″
  • Length —————————– 28″
  • Sleeve length ———————–24.5″
  • ½ Arm hole ————————11.5″
  • ½ cuff length ————————4.5″

The experiment gives us an idea about different types of inspections. I would like to give special thanks to our teacher. I am also grateful to our instructors. I think this experiment will be very helpful in my future life.-apparel2fashion

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